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Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst Guitar Effects Pedal
Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst Guitar Effects Pedal

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Product Code: CT-1

Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst Guitar Effects Pedal

The Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst Guitar Pedal is equipped with a simple circuit that uses only discrete FET's to achieve its throaty roar. But the Catalyst stompbox brings something more to the table because it to does things that many other fuzz pedals can't.

With its mini-toggle switch set to "Spark," the Catalyst effect pedal offers clean boosts, sweeter overdrives and all sorts of distortion sounds. Want more? Flip the switch to "Flame" and you'll be treated to a host of less civil overdrives, unique distortion voicings, and a plethora of vicious Fuzz sounds, all of which clean up with a twist of your guitar's volume knob, with a linear transition from clean to mean.

To further enhance your tonal control, the Catalyst guitar pedal offers a pair of very effective low-loss tone controls that set it apart from the masses. Standard tone stacks often end up cutting so much gain that the effect designer has to make up for this loss later in the circuit, and many times you loose some of the magic in the process. Not so here because the Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst pedal's low-loss Bass/Mids knob dials out the flubby low-end, with the added bonus of supplying varying amounts of rich midrange when the Bass/Mids knob passes the 3 o'clock mark.

This midrange, on top of an already wildly distorted tone, has the effect of increasing sustain to insane proportions as well as breaking you out of the standard super bright/super bassy Fuzz mold. Need to smooth out the highs? Simply turn down the Treble mini-knob—a low-loss hi-end roll-off—allowing you to shave off as much of the treble as necessary.

Finally, many Fuzz pedals can have wacky input and output impedances, making it difficult to match-up successfully with wah-wah pedals and non-true-bypass buffered pedals. The Fulltone CT-1 Catalyst has none of these issues, sporting a friendly 1-meg input impedance and an astonishingly low 10K output impedance. When's the last time you had a fuzz work with a vibe or wah-wah? Things have changed, indeed.
  • True Bypass switching
  • Volume Knob
  • Gain Knob
  • Spark/Flame toggle switch
  • Bass/Mids Knob
  • Treble Knob

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